CCT’s products always aim to offer the maximum performance in order to reach each the highest expectative of each market or application. As a leader company in innovation, our products are constantly up-dated to meet our customers’ needs and mark sector trends.

Ceramic Colours

With the target of covering different kinds of application in the ceramic industry, our sales program offers several series.

Inkjet Inks – InkCID

The inkjet inks INKCID are manufactured with the most sophisticated production and control systems. Our exclusive R&D department maximises the inks quality to offer the greatest performance and the highest yield among the various digital printing systems.

Frits and glazes

Frits are the main component of nearly all ceramic glazes and are present in many compositions of different materials where a vitreus face is needed.

Special glazes

We enclose here a whole series of glazes that are totally different to common glazes due to their features and the effects they produce.

Ceramic and glass Third Firing decoration

This series contains a range of products for the ceramic or glass decoration by means of re-firing. It allows the use of special decorative materials (lustrous, iridiscent, precious metals, glass grits, etc.) that cannot withstand the high temperatures necessary to fire ceramic bodies.

Precious metals

CCT offers a great variety of precious metal decorating colours containing gold, platinum/palladium, lusters and auxiliary additives in several formats which meet all application needs in ceramics, glass and porcelain.

Organics: Mediums and Additives

CCT offers a wide range of organics to be used in ceramics. These products are mainly divided in mediums and additives.

Raw materials

We are aware that the selection of raw materials represents the basis for the competitiveness of final products. For that reason, we always focus on the needs of our production and that of our customers.

Grinding media

We offer grinding media of high density alumina, with a great compact microstructure and physicochemical features that ensure reliability and durability under all use conditions.